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How the System Works

The District uses a S.T.E.P. type treatment system (Septic Tank Effluent Pump). 

Waste from each residence drains to a septic tank where primary treatment begins. Most solids settle out and the remaining liquid, the effluent, is pumped out under pressure into our collection lines to the District Plant. The effluent is then pumped into the second stage of treatment at the smaller aeration lagoon. Then air is added to the effluent to allow for aerobic biological treatment. The effluent is then transferred to the large storage lagoon to await land application. Once the land application period begins, the effluent is then disinfected with Chlorine and under controlled conditions, is applied to the land application area.

During the non-application Periods of fall, winter and the beginning of spring, the lagoons must hold all of the effluent received and they fill up until the land application area can absorb the treated effluent without running off the surface. The land application area is roughly located south and west of the Fire Station at 8644 Bottle Bay Road. You may have seen the warning signs west of the Fire Station posted on the fence.